Thursday, February 23, 2023

trying to organize 🙄❤️😊

I was at ikea and bought some new boxes. To put my things in.  I really need to get my place in order. I really get frustrated with all the clutter. 👌I hope it turns out good.
My week been good. Very nice to be home and just chill and do fun stuff. I still have 3 days left of this week. Ahhh yes.

I also got such a sweet loving message from my guy on the 19th Feb. 🥰😘💘😻
Here's a bit of it... 
Hello my Love! How are you doing my purple kitten? I was just sitting here, thinking about you (I do that a lot! :)), and I was like " you know what ... I miss my baby. I think I'll just write her a little message and let her know that I love her and miss her so, soo much!!" I really do, baby. You mean the world to me you are my world. I really hope they pass that 1064 bill this year so I can get out of here!

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