Sunday, March 5, 2023

March is here

 Hello March

I tried the low carb diet and it does work but I didn't think about how it would affect my work. 🙄😕I do have a job that require alot of movement and so. I need energy. I will eat good but very low carb.. Would work maybe if I sat down in a office all day. There goes my plan kinda?😂😂But not really. I can do it. 👌💪 

I been in regular contact with my guy. Well the messages has been really flowing fast. Loves it ❤️❤️ I also asked if he wanted me to come and visit this year. He has been having issues in the new unit. With people there treating him wrong.. 😞Makes me mad hearing that 😡😡 He said iw would be better if we visit when he has transferred to a new prison. I hope it happens this year or I have to wait next... 

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