Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Snow in March???

So yesterday comes the biggest snowstorm ever!!!  It hasnt snowed this much in whole winter. Now im March going on April it decides to show up?  😒😑😐 GREAT LMAO. 

When I took my bus ride home around 7.58 pm I heard when I got off to go to the store near me, that there will be no more buses after the one behind. ALL BUSES were cancelled for the whole night til 12 am. Poor people who work late or whatever?  Still today the bus schedule isnt running as ususal. Its a bit hey wire. I hope my bus wont be affectd . I checked it seems to be okay? 😖😕

Cat sitting is going good. The couple of days she been so nice and shes not hard to take care of, but last night, she had trouble again with her glands in the butt? Yes cats and dogs have glands that works when they go poop. I think hers is clogged or something isnt right. It comes out some blood and mucus when she peed. She peed on my couch, reclainer twice and my cat tree!!! I had to put her in the cage. She was liek squirting all over LMAO. Im like "okay go in! see you tomorrow"😆😂😂 This was around midnight. I was so tired, had to clean up pee...

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