Monday, April 10, 2023

my week off from work

It's been sooo nice being off from work. I just been treating myself with junk. Chips. Dipp. Fast food. A cake!!! Now that's done. The diet begins. Do I think I gained weight?
I doubt it. I never went over 2500 cals if even that. It's just water weight??🤔😐😏

Tomorrow I actually have an interview. Kinda. I saw this paper taped on the bus stop and they were looking for a cleaner for building. I replied with a txt. They answered back quickly.. Pretty weird😐😐 I will bring some body mist incase they are shady and who knows. 😲  I did look up the company exist but. In this world you can never be too careful 😕 Ima bit scared and so. The guy just said we will show you on Tuesday. And gave me this address. Hmmm🤔🤔
I will see them tomorrow. 8 o'clock. Ugh... I have to be up by 6.30ish. 😴😴

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