Friday, May 19, 2023

Savannah is castrated

On Wednesday she got her appointment after that one canceled on Tuesday. It went super well. She's up doing her thing. Except for one thing... She can't go outside!! 😝 She don't get it.. Like why can't I? I will let her outside on Monday. Then it has gone a couple of days. The wound must of heel some. I was surprised the cut she got was little than most after surgery. Must be a new teqniqe or something.
The vet said she has a little gum disease 😶 and she's chubby? Lmao. I was like really? 😂😂😮 I will buy better dry food for neutered pets. I guess when all of the are it is better for their health. Don't want her it any furbabies to gain more weight. 
Just sucks it's darn expensive and less in the package. 🙄🤔

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