Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Day 8 Weird behavior ??

Started my cleaning job at the school + my other job again. Its buzybee here for me ...  I could hardly sleep good... Tossed and turned. Overthinking every word he said and why?
Make no sense to be friends after this? Not right now... It hurts still for me. He seem ok? Or is he masking it well. He seemed so defensiv and acting like a jerk? I dont know whats going on 😐😑🤨 He needs to stop acting like this... Its not cool. 🤦👎 He also said ; If you do start to talking to someone, make sure he isn't a loser?! 
Wtf?? Is that supposed to mean..??

First of all i wont date Anyone for long time if ever. Why would i date someone after being dumped??? And are you refering to yourself? You are a loser??? 
He really seem extremely low. I dont think i can make him feel better.😭😭 And im hurting too😒😔 . He has to figure it out by himself . 🫤🫤 Did he even love me?? 😭💔🥺 So many questions but I cant ask them. *Sigh*

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