Friday, September 29, 2023

Im just done with being confused

I deleted the previous entry. I just was so upset and angry. Emotions just had me like a storm. It could be my pmdd talking though i get it afterwards too ... Anyways. I just think his behavior and how he acts is just nonsense. Its weird also. 😒🤨 im done with that. He can say he loves me and all that but i know he wants to be free and be with others probably. If he does. Im not stopping you. Go ahead . I wont help you anymore. And i wont messaging frequently either.  You cant go back n forth changing your mind about if we are together or not together? Its not fun?! Make up your damn mind !!! Im 36 and im not getting younger same with you. You better act right mister . 😤😤 Im getting frustrated with you !? 
I think prison has messed him up more. Im tired of being there for him . I get 1 .% back . Its not fair . He complaints and talk about money constantly.
Im pretty much over it... 😑😒🫤😡😡 Ive given him 14 years of my life. The rest is im doing bymyself . His family can help him out or his girlfriends . Idk sorry im still upset 😤🤨

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