Friday, September 29, 2023

see you.. never

I havent responded to his latest  message. Which i got today!! It was even worse... he said if i will or if it happens if i start to have needs i can fullfill them ... Meaning sexually ..but that i will have to be honest and not lie be careful not to get stds!?! like WTF?? And that if we wont work out . If he gets married have children. He wants me to apart of his life!?!? Im THAT special. Thats terrible thing to say right now. Its like ohh it will happen .. like he has given up. Fuckin Douchebag!! And that i will go and have sex.. sure why now?  I just wanted for the big bomb to drop. 💔💥💣
I deleted it. Just made me feel like shit. Im  just crying thinkin about it 😭😭😭. Im angry too!! He said ofcourse dont be mad or dont be upset okay?! Well how am i supposed to react ?? How would you react?? 
Im just done . Done . Done. I deleted my fb temporarily and blocked his cousin.
I removed my email so i wont get notifications. I dont use it often. I wont go and check for messages . He can just go and drop dead. I dont care anymore!!!! 😵🤬😭😭😭 he can just leave me Alone ... I wish i never met him !!! Just cause me heartache and pain 💔💔💔😭😭😭 I dont know this person. He is a stranger..

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