Monday, November 20, 2023

shitty week last week

Last week SUCKED!
The cashier at Lidl was a jerk. 😡🤬Plus i lost my wallet after i had done some grocery shopping.😭😭 I got no card and its not fun. Im waiting for a new one .  And some other stuff also went wrong just small irritating stuff. Youre like ugh... 😤😤😤
The only good thing is i finally colored my hair . It was so full and all. It looks more colorful. It didnt turn out pink though.. it got purple shade. Maybe because i had blue in my hair before. It looks pretty great 💜 i also for my period too ☹️☹️
All at once. All at once. 👏👏 My weird thoughts continue at night . 🤦🤷😵‍💫 Anxiety here. Worries there 🤨🙄 im irritated at him too. How he has treated me bad .. ugh!! 🤬😡😭 I wonder why? And what i should do?! I have no answers!!

Ive been so hungry alot. Because i been eating almost 1000 less cals. My stomach is sure noticing it.. 😮‍💨😶‍🌫️

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