Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Was that answer to my prayer?

Yesterday was one of the toughest days I ever experienced.😞 My soul was hurting so bad. Felt so alone. I prayed actually: please God , help me keep going. Give me a sign...Anything!! I would of dropped on my knees but I was at work. 
Around 2 pm. I got a email notification from JPay. It was from... My ex guy. I was like hmmm..
He said he was missing me . He also needed help with yes money . Only for stamps. I actually replied I told him why I hadn't reach out. I'm really down. Life seems pointless. I'm all alone .😣😭
Cried alot!!

He actually replied this:

Thanks for writing back so quickly. Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. I understand. I get like that a lot. But you know you have me, right? I love you, .......and as long as I'm here you'll never be alone, okay. I know I've been pretty shitty about showing it for a while, but I will do better, okay. You have been my best friend, and have been there for me for years. Longer than anyone else ... besides R..... :) But I do ... I love you Butterfly, to the moon and back, and I have been missing you like crazy. If I'm being honest with myself, my depression really started when I distanced myself from you. How about you? So, this is really my fault, and I'm sorry! I will do better, okay. Keep your head up and I hope to hear from you soon!

PS: by the way ... how is the bank job? Any better than the old one? 

I dont know what to think of this ?? 🤔🤷‍♀️ To be honest. It just feels good to know someone cares.

My penpal hasn't still contact me.. Gone 3 weeke from today ? I must say weeks been flying by fast! what's going on? 🙄🤔🤔🤔 Darn I dont know. I miss him . Nothing I can do. I tried reaching out.☹️☹️☹️

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