Saturday, May 18, 2024

Everyone keep pissin me off

Starting with my mom.. I went early. 9ish am to go to this store mega store like Walmart kinda. 
I saw this gigantic chocolate ball. 2 pounds of it. 😮
I was on the phone with my mom. She laughed at me for thinking it was cool. I got excited over it☹️

Then this dude on Snapchat I added from an app.
Asking for a pic. I said I don't feel like ir or look good right now.. I said to tomorrow.   His like sure , you don't want me to see your jewels?? Like excuse me?? ,🤨😠😤

This guy over in the u.s wich i talk through an app, we txt. He asked do you ever go on adventures? 
What is that supposed to mean? 🧐🤨 Does he think I just stay home, what if I did? It's MY life . Not yours. I don't say so this or why you do that?

I'm just ready to sleep 😭😭😭 people be on my nerves today .... Ugh....

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