Monday, June 30, 2014

toxic family members

I had to borrow money for my r ent from my younger bro. BUTmy older one is taking care of his economy. He has a gambling problem. He mentioned you know you have borrowed before and yada yada. I asked my yonger bro its still his money.He said it was OK.  Just pisses me off that he is in the middle of me and my younger bro.  I wouldnt loan if it wasnt a emergency. I gotta pay rent. I know my younger bro has a good paid job. Im still looking.

My older brother just made me feel like SHIT cus I loaned money. -.- Thats what I call toxic... He even said , put the cats too sleep , like kill them cus i got too many??!! Its my freakin life , not yours, You dont have to takecare of them at all or give a damn about them so why you gotta put your big nose and critize my own choices!!!! MAN IM  MAD!

I decided I no longer will talk to him, He never msg or txt me anyways so. Why should I bother??
He just make me feel bad most of the time, like ima freak or that I cant hold a job or that ima cat lady!!!

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