Wednesday, October 29, 2014

dont want to be unemployed

Went to the store to buy some candy :P I got a small tummy ache, I havent eaten that much of it. Been home all day, Been looking for a job....eeeesshhhh. Why wont anyone hire me or even get me in a interview? Am I a hopeless case??!!
Im trying hard not  to get depressed when im at home. Its like as soon as Im at home. It gets more real  how my situation is :( . When Im out doing something I can forget for a moment that Im unemployed and living on barely nothing. Its like I dont look for jobs. I look for jobs ALOT. I wonder what im doing wroong?????


  1. Finding a job nowadays is very difficult. Only putting applications work sometimes, but a lot of times you have to do many more things before you get a interview or job, because with so many people looking for jobs it is impossible for everyone to find one. I would suggest that you make a linked in account, and network with people that are local. Make sure that your resume is up to date, error free, and formatted correctly. Put your resume on sites like monster, indeed, and simply hired, and some employers will come to you. Look into going back to school, even a two year degree will help you a lot. If none of that work contact your local temp service, they might be able to get you a job immediately, it might be temporary, but if you work hard enough you will become permanent. What ever you do, do not let these difficult times cause you to stop seeking employment, and try not to let it upset you. Use your anger/frustration to motivate you to try harder. Before you know it you will have a job, and you will look back on what you been through and be proud of yourself for staying strong.

    1. Thanks for the tips. have been unemployed for a couple of months now. Scared it will be couple of more, that what happened last time I was without a job.-.-