Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Im not as rotten as you are

.I was about to do something really childish  thing on facebook but I think  wont do it. Its about a guy I went to visit in Usa and then he totally screwed me over, cheated and I wouldnt been upset if he ended it since it is so far away. but he LIED. he is also a pisces guy...They attend to be LIARS. beware girls if you date a pisces guy....
 I was gonna fool him that Im someone else , a girl from Dallas, Tx. Hmmm but then I started to think, I will probably get annoyed with him like I was before, and maybe envy aswell so I declined the request and I deleted the account. For the best.  I think It would just be more chaotic doing that than revenge....

I did find some spells online. hehehehheeeee. Wiccan spells. I always been a little facinating with Wiccans. :P Let the spells begin!!!

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