Friday, November 7, 2014

Productive Friday

Whats up everyone???

I must say I feel more woken up right now than I was earlier. At around 2 Pm I just had to take a nap because my mind was just spinning. I couldnt think right. I woke up by my bladder was full about to burst....Yikes...
Well After that I saw what was under my TV table...Lots of paper junk just collecting dust. GOTTA GET rid of it. Into the trash bin. Just old shit. I did that for awhile.

Oh, my older brother txt me yesterday around 10 PM. WHAT!?? he never do that. I was totally honest with him and told him i am doing not fine. And well it means he does care a bit. I didnt have his nr cus of my new phone. no excuse. I will deff txt him more. But I still think he thinks im a weirdo.

Atm Im listening to an old cd I made back in the days...when I was 18-19. Europop!!!!! I feel very calm and all. I hope it stays til tomorrow. I hate depression.

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