Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beautiful Weather

I just came home from  was just going leave a thing for her but we went to the woods behind a supermarket. It was really nice because the sun was shining and wasnt too cold at all. Just sitting there eating cookies and a diet pepsi. Was Marvelous.
Now im home and my feet hurt so Im just gonna rest them. I gotta also write a letter for my Fuzzy Boo. So I can mail it tomorrow. Usually I write as soon as I get it but I was like , He can wait a few days I want to make it a longer letter than just a paper front and back.
Ive been bitten by catfleas. Got like 25 bites all over the place...Hmmm i dont think its from my cats. I havent even seen them scratching that much. VERY weird.
Love the Sunshine

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