Friday, April 24, 2015

How you doing today on this Friday?

Hellu Everyone.

I was so expecting to get paid on Monday, that what is said on my paper from the unemployment Center. BUT dang it. I got paid TODAY! =D Oh boy im happy about that. Im gonna go to the grocery store after everyone has been there (crowded when ppl are off work) Makes me nervous even thinking about it. In my head theres like 100 of people in there, Wich is obviously not. Im gonna wait til about 6 PM or later.  I so want icecream... mmmm icecream. and some food for the weekend.

I found an interesting page where it describes some things when you are antisocial. MANY of them was like I am ... could I be antisocial....Would not be impossible.

30 signs that you might be Anti social

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