Sunday, April 12, 2015

God give me strength

Today has been one of "My mind is a total chaos" days. First of all I got hard time breathing during night. I woke up  around 3 am , went to bed around 5 am. I drank some warm green tea, It helped. But when I woke up I was like ugh this dont feel right. I had to take one of my antidepressants to order to function. I feel so stressed too. I try to calm down. I have started to stress smoke...not good.
Luckily the package is almost empty. 1 left. Then I wont buy another one.

Oh yeah...All of sudden my youngest sisters DAD , adds half of the family on Facebook. He has been gone for like 16 years?!!! Like WTF?? and he writes all of this comments on my sisters pics you are cute love daddy...UMMMMMM then he comments my pic, I luv you from your nikis pappa (dad)
I know who you are....Gosh this is so weird its not funny ....

I cant wait for tomorrow though I will tell you then.

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