Friday, April 10, 2015

Exhausted but worth it

I went out on a morning walk. I walked 2400 steps . But later on my mom came and visit , She thought I would redecorate my room , Meaning the furniture should switch places. Seems there is more space now in the room. She also helped me carry out a armchair I had in my balcony (looked like shit) I put the other armchair i had in my room in there. Looks alot better. We also went out for a walk. I went to the store after she was going home (she ride her bike all the way to me its a pretty long way) Im soooo exhausted I guess I deserve to be lazy now , Watch a couple of movies or so. 
I think I walked atleast 5000 steps today!!! I deserve a gold medal. JK. 

Feels weird not to turn on the TV. I do like watching The Simpsons


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