Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday started blah but ended YA!

I woke up feeling like drained, tired, angry, sad, pissed. Mostly like why are people they way they are? One guy totally made me feel like i wasnt good enough because I had no friends... He is like Wowi think its weird. All of sudden. He removed me from the friendlist on Tagged... Isn't that a little dramatic??? And when I say I got 4 cats: THATS ALOT OF CATS So? Its my cats, not yours. Maybe I should just say I got 1. Very annoying. Alot of people have so much to judge and say.
Guess I just have to get ready  for it to happen. People dont say when theres dog involved. Cats arent rats!! Theyre adorable, Loyal, Cuddly and kind pets.

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