Sunday, June 14, 2015

She is unhappy about everything but..

I just talked to my mom on the phone and she is  having this tone in her voice about doing things in our town. So I suggested we could go to Västerås or something like that. Shes says does it cost that much? Im like its not that much if you pick the right time cus sometims its cheaper depends on when you go. ( with bus) Shes like IDK. and she said How about we go on this cruise to , its a 1 day cruise.

Heres the deal: she talks soo much. About doing this and doing that... But Dammit she doesnt do anything about it. It never happends. ITS JUST FREAKIN TALK. That just pisses me off. Because everyday she says I wanna move. This town is not giving me anythng back.  yada yada. Well complaining doesnt get you there!!!!!

Im in a place where I just feel happier than ever. Even if I dont have a job. SO I dont want her to drag me down with her.... God I want a smoke right now. Im so aaaannnoyeed.

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