Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crazy Bitch

Been a long day, Yesterday  I was selling a bracelet on Tradera ( like ebay , swedish version) And I saw that one add hadnt gotten bidders so i restarted it...The next day there was 2 adds of the same thing. AND 2 bidders on the 2 adds. I only had 1 bracelet. :/ I was like something had gone wrong...I contacted the website. I had to choose one bidder to tell them that  and the add has to end. I told her to contact them to say that....I got a respond , Read the email today ;She got sooo mad so she said Im gonna report to the police of misleading advertising!!... I was like. It wasnt even my fault.  Can you really do that? Crazy Bitch. I wrote back the whole story and I guess she is ashamed now!!! haa!!!!

Oh yeah My phone got turned on ..So I can call and use my internet on it,,,Feels veyy good...But I did like having it off when I was asleep...I always get annoyed when someone sends me a notification like game or such..wakes me up most of the time....

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