Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stress less

Tuesday at work I really rushed to get ready earlier and I was thinking to catch the bus too. BUT when I got home, I was up for abit , but then when I was gonna sleep. My heart was pounding so hard , and my chest was hurting. I couldnt get any sleep at all I was so scared .I know I had been rushing like that for couple of days. Last week too. Stressed to get it done earlier.  :(

I had aswell gotten another offer to get  new workplace to clean. I was gonna meet her in the morning. I was like Heck what should I do. I gotten no sleep and I really felt like I cant handle more places atm. I already got 3 places to clean per week. I said to her I was sick and I had to think about that But I will say no. I just have a hard time saying no BUT  I cant take more that I can handle. My health will come first. If you dont have health how can you work?

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