Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Punks!! I am above you

I got a call from someone , I never picked up... I sent a txt asking what that person wanted and that person said she was a 9 year old girl..She sent a picture of a girl. I said I was 28...She said she wanted a pic of me...I sen a fake one. (To be sure)  The way that person acted seemed it was a teen. That person said omg you are so ugly. I sent a pic of a girl with big lips and alot of makeup. That person said "I will remove you" I said "Okay" The person never did. I said remove my nr thanks. That person said "Fak You"  I replied Learn how to spell , That wasnt my picture and you think I would send my real one to someoene I dont know. I also told my man is a cop and can track your number. LOL I hope they got scared.  Its okay to prank someone BUT dont use cuss word... Not cool!!!! and to call someone ugly...What If someone calls you ugly? Its hurts and its okay to think diff but have respect...

I also think its wrong that adults givet their kids a phone?! You have no idea what they do with it... Unless you check it... Think about it? Something really bad can happen to them one day..

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