Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Keeping in touch is two sided

I was thinking last night.. I am the one who always take the time to msg someone, txt, call someone. Like 90 % of the time.
The people I know dont. It can go months and I get no msg at all on fb. Should it be like that? Am I caring too much?? I shouldnt be the one keeping and staying in touch. Its two sided. Clearly those people dont care that much about me or they just suck at keeping in touch.I decided to do what they are doing, ....Not keep in touch  If they are not contacting me SO FINE..... Im just fuckin tired of it.
Son of bitches. No more,
I dont want to feel disapointed when I dont hear from someone. That is included my own family. They suck at it too. Dont have time for people who dont priorities me. Im gonna grow closer to God. He wont disapoint me in the same way.
 BYE!! :)

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