Thursday, February 25, 2016

When you look and cant darn find it!!!

I was gonna go to the library, then shop some food...But I needed my flash drive. i couldnt find it anywhere...Not on either of my tables. I dont have alot of space to put things. I was like NO! I might have forgotten it in the library? Or someone has taken it, I got alot of pics and music files on it.
I looked probably for an hour or 1,5...Nothing. So I went to the library, They had some flashdrives but not mine. Dang....
I grocery shopped and went home. I had called my mom. I was like so sure someone had taken it. I dont remember bringing it somewhere.. I decided to look a little bit more, By my bed. And by the TV. I looked behind the TV. WTF!! There it was!!!  I had looked at a movie on my tv last weekend.
It was me who forgot it there. All of that being worried for nothing. My fridge stopped working yesterday. I was pissed about that too. I hope they fix it today or I get to loan one til it is fixed.

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