Friday, March 11, 2016

Middle child syndrome

I deff fallen for that I always felt mostly when I turned 11 or so when my younger sister was born I felt left out. I didnt really noticed back then . I loved her , she was a cute baby. But as she growed 12+  I totally felt like she was the one my mom paid attention too and I wasnt really visible. I tried to make my mom see me. Totally didnt work. I did stay alot with myself. I thought she didnt love me  for a long time. Do I think like that now? No , I dont. I dont need her to love me as I did. Even if my younger sister still have her attention mostly for being bad , having an attitude, never helps at home.
Always something about to complain abt her to me.  Maybe shes like that because you spoiled her, gave her wayy to much attention....

I will forever be the middle non seen. Im okay with that.
Gonna take this weekend to just be with me.

                            Dont need that cus I love myself. My guy loves me. My cats loves me.

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