Friday, January 19, 2018

Bye Crappy Week, Bye Facebook

Aahhh Yeah. Just staying in and watch a good movie or some tv. or why not both?? My whole body hurts.  Nice to just put your feet up and rest.

 Oh yeah. I deactivated my Facebook account. Im pretty tired of it and just gives me anxiety and kinda irritates me. So I thought that is the best for now. I check often if I gotten any msg and I dont. That ticks me off. I gotta check again..and again... again. Bad cycle. But now i KNOW noone can msg me so I dont have to bother. Plus why would anyone anyways? Its not like im "popular" đź‘€ It shouldnt take over your life. Theres so much else to do than scrolling around for what??? Exactly. Alot of crap is what there is on there. 

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