Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thanks for making me feel like useless crap

I was at the job agency, they had given me an appointment. The woman who I talked to totally ignored the fact that I was workin atleast not being 100 % unemployed. I get money from the unemployment agenncy. I gotta have an acitivity also....Jobcoach!!! UGHH I hate them, They cant help me. I do the same work at home... Plus she kept insisting i should take on studies. Study is great she said...YEEEAHH if you want to become something special to work somewhere special. But I dont want to study. I like working with cleaning. I dont mind. GET IT WOMAN!!!!Gosh she really ticked me off. Totally made my day worse. Made me feel like I didnt do enough. That im useless. Why did I get her? maybe someone else would have been better... Easy for you to say. You got your fulltime job. Telling ppl what to do.
So now I gotta go to a jobcoach... I DONT WAAANNAAA!!!!

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