Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I got myself a job

Just signed the contract for my new job yayy. This was my  second day. Damn its sweaty. Its really warm right now its 24 c. - 75 F.  So far its goin good. I hope I will be there for  some time.. hee hee

Now I just want to hear from my guy. Its been awhile and I told him I wanted us to talk less on the phone cus of the phone bill. Its been 2 weeks since he called. I havent gotten a letter yet , I hope he havent forgotten about me???? 😟😞I sent him a letter last week and Jpay yesterday. I said he could call this weekend. if he wanted. I just miss him alot. ALOT ALOT. I cant do much. Besides hope he will contact me soon.

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