Sunday, May 20, 2018

Panicking a bit

It sucks June will be a poor month for me.  I will get paid from everything around my Birthday. Sigh...  I really regret asking my older bro for money for the buscard. Its a monthly one and it cost alot. Around 100 bucks.
 His like I gave you money for the bus? Didnt you put money on it? Well ofcourse I did. But it was also for food. Remember? And I said If  you cant help I can fix it somehow. He said Ofcourse you can loan, get to the point, How much do you need?

I wont ask if your acting like that...Last time I loaned from him was in 2011. That is freakin 7 years ago!!! He just made me feel like crap. I dont like to loan from people. That kind of ruined my day. It was my moms idea from the beginning. I knew it wasnt a good idea. I did it anyways.  What kind of siblings you have... A loan is a loan. I wont steal your dumb money. You just have to wait a month???

My next blog post little later will be  about 50 % more positive , Stay tuned.

Aint that the truth....😒

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