Tuesday, November 12, 2019

My visitation with my man

Well sadly there was no picture weekend...😭😭😭 but I got to see him for 6 hours anyways. Should been 8 hours but we were late for the Saturday visitation. But the Sunday visit We were in time. I got 2 hours alone with him wich was nice. I will be back when he graduates in May. 😍😍😍😍

Well it was a nice visit. He looked so good. I would say better than the last tim e. He looked like he dropped a bit of weight. But this time he had gotten bigger. Worked out, Mhm. Looked very fine. Too bad you cant have conjugal visits..Mhm... 💋 He held my hand the entire time and kissed it occasionally . I got to feel his muscle and feel his beard.... Sooo  sweet . we talked about all kinfds of stuff. He be freaky as fuck. yuuppp. He is a good kisser for sure...

we got a smooch at the beginning of the visit and the end. Was steamy. He bite my lip... I think it was the saturday visit. The sunday visit. We had a big smooch at the end of the visit.
I already missing him. I will be back again.💏💖

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