Thursday, November 21, 2019

Well Im home again!!

I got home couple of days ago its been pretty hectic with work..Actually now I had a warning on paper that I have messed up toilets I guess if i mess up more they will let me go?? I never had that happen to me of all the places i been..Hmmm I think they want me gone.. Well im trying to find something else..Not alot out there at this time.. Plus they taken away 1 place i cleaned 12 hours a week. It s alot , My pay check wont be as much as it used to be... They didnt even tell me that it happen til I got back. No explanation or whatsoever. Thats a good clean leader for sure.

There is a paper to sign up for a christmas dinner on the 13th dec. And Im not planning to go. But when today she asked me and some other girl  if we were coming. Anyways I told her I had other plans. She was like "no you have to come, it will be free food and a really fun show" Oh yeah ??? Pff., You think i want to come after you treat me like that? Threaten to fire me. Without any warning before after I been gone. Never!! I dont care if theres free food or crappy entertainment..
Plus I saw that they are hiring , they need 2 people who have driving liscense. It was posted on last Monday . WHen I was gone...Isnt that really suspicious... Crappy company, I cant wait to get out of there . Nothing wrong with the work places,but how she runs it is crappy. šŸ˜£šŸ˜£

My furbabies was happy to see me though. They wanted to head outside right away. Except for Melissa. She is still indoor cat.

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