Sunday, December 1, 2019

1 December

Wow...Cant believe its only 30 days til 2020. Well the dark dull clouds disappeared , (rain clouds) Snow started to fall down... So much brighter. Felt like I was walking down in hell cus it was so dark from morning til night... Very depressing..
I had a tough week at work, Im not sure why but she changed the whole schedule a bit. I worked full time all week. I cant really do that. My feet cant handle it. I dont want to a bad job because im hurting.😟😕 I hope next week is going to be back to normal. Im trying to fix an appointment to the
therapist. They refuse to give you time off to go to doctors, dentist, etc its fucking ridiciolus 😒

Im a bit worried/sad I sent out Jpay and I havent got any letter from my man... 📧📪*GULP* Just nervwrecking. I hope he didnt think I was a bummer at the visit or something. That would be so sucky. I hope he is doing okay?? I sent a B-day card out and ecomm care package so... I hate when it takes fooorrrrevverrrr!!!!!

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