Saturday, December 7, 2019

Being on sick leave

So This Monday my boss called me up when I was cleaning the stairs . She was furious that I had forgotten to empty the trash "cans" I said ofcourse I did . Im pretty sure. Then she was like noone saw you there. I said Umm I was there Im VERY SURE I was.. I was so pissed at her. The next day I went to that floor and Checked the trash cans, Apparently there was only 1 trash can that was full. The one in the small kitchen NOT trash cans.... Why would she say its more than one when it wasnt... Hmm
So on Tuesday I called uphealth centre. I got a appointment the same day. I was soo happy. Couldnt take it no more. Just more n more complaints against me.... I really want to get on sick leave. I told the doctor everything that had happened. And I got 2 weeks off! 😍😍YAY! So I been home since Wednesday. It was just terrifying to call my clean leader. But then the next day my boss called but I had blocked her. I told my clean leader my phone had break 😂😂 wich is not true but I just want them to leave me alone til im back to work.

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