Tuesday, December 31, 2019

I am a big freakin Questionmark

I just come to the conclusion Every single social media platform is BORING! Yepp I said it. Snapchat, intsa. Facebook, twitter, skype... They are not amusing to me whatsoever!!!  *yaaawwnn*
Im sitting here writing this on New years eve, its about 8.45 Pm. Im all alone. Yepp , Thats how it is when you are basically terrible at interacting and get decsent friends. I will probably never find any.
I will be talking to my cats til im dead. Not that I dont enjoy that. I have my mom. But shes my mom. I dont even know how to be social anymore but I do get jealous of people who have friends, They can go out and eat or do stuff. But then again I like being alone too. I guess the point is I dont know what I want.... Just want to freakin pull my hair out!!! throw stuff, smash stuff, go all nuts!!! Cus just AAHHHH!!!! thats how I feel at the momen....
P.S I hate you PMDD  šŸ˜£šŸ˜«!!!!!!!!!!!!

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