Monday, January 6, 2020

My new place

I have officially moved into my new apartment. The wallpapers in the livingroom are umm my hideous but the bedroom is nice. Some stuff are broken and I will fix up other stuff.  So I will enjoy it more.  I started moving in on Friday. Then saturday and sunday we continued with it.  My mom and I took everything on 2 strollers lmao. Worked like a charm. It was tough though. 😤😥😧
I left some furniture for the student is will rent 2 months to  will take them after its all over. Phew. I'm beat....
The cats are a bit used to it . Mirabelle &Melissa  is the one who adapted easiest.  Smokey and Lilly not too easy but they know I live here now ( I think )😕

I don't have any Internet yet. Will fix it tomorrow.  Thank god for the phone right.
I guess. 

I really miss my guy. I hope he is  okay and that he is not upset at me for the slow letters. Praying that everything is OK. 😟👐

Maybe I will get a letter tomorrow 

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