Friday, January 31, 2020

Shopping Friday

I went to a place where its surrounded by stores. Its not a mall. I have no idea what you call it in english... ??? If anyone do know. Please comment below... I had the day off from work. I guess they didnt have enough work for me. I am on the hunt for something extra. Feels like they dont give me enough of work. I need fulltime. 
I was supposed to go with my mom but I was like she is not gonna like when I buy my soda. There was a good deal , 3 for 3 dollars. I went there pretty early. I also went and bought a full lenght mirror. It was a good deal for members. I got 6 bottles of diet pepsi and some small stuff from different stores. She kinda called me when I was about to wait for the bus. She figured it out. She got soo upset. I didnt think she would want to go. Apparently I struck a nerve. My mom has calmed down by now. She was upset over something else from the beginning.  PHEW! '

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