Friday, February 7, 2020

Worst day // Very annoyed

It started yesterday. Apparently the hospital dont want me to donate more eggs. Because the last time the woman who did the egg takeout. Started to investigate that I had cell changes 5 years ago. She said I should go and take a look at it. She called yesterday , I said I Was going , She started to say that they dont know what the hormone injections do cus of the cellchanges I had. They dont want to take any risks.. yada yada. Im like okay then. I did the cellchange test I will find out. But that doesnt make any sense. Its not fair. I decide wether I want to donate or not. Its my body. I understand their concern. Theres not any proof if its good or not, so they cant say its not good... pff Bullshit!!!!!😬😬
I was gonna do it maybe 2 more times. or more. I had done it 2 and you can do it max 6 is what they said... But I found a private clinic I will start with. Hopefully This will go better than theirs. I did forget to take 2 shots the second time. Maybe thats why they only got 6 eggs out. I had 13 eggs the last time so wouldnt that be enough? Fuck them...I would say!!

I just had the idea that I want to pursue a career in masseus . My mom is so crushing that idea. It does cost a bit to attend that course but im willing to that. I was thinking to have that practice in my home,
I think its a good idea. If I fail then its my fault then....

I didnt have any work today. I decided to go to town. found some stuff. pair of earrings. and 2 hair thingies. but anyways. I called her maybe 2 times and I was in a sad mood/ irritated at stuff. She just made it worse. She is not good at making you feel better..I should know that...Why keep I doing it.... Stupid me. Im not gonna call her about my problems.  I will try to fix them myself, Iam the only one who is helping her when I can , caring about her... but she doesnt see it. Its soo frustrating. All my other siblings dont even care!!! I never get any appreciation over it....😡😡😡😡
She thinks I shouldnt complain at all, that I shouldnt be in a bad mood...I am only human!!!! We get mad/irritated/sad for stupid shit. Thats just how we are.  Is she any different NO?! she complains to me alot. She just dont see it... Im done with that too...

 She is jealous that I work and I have money. She is struggling with it. I mean I have struggled too. but I bet when she was in my age she had money too, So why cant she be happy for me??? She never is. Whatever I do. JEALOUSY is not a good trait...👎👎👎

Do you have anyone like that in your life?? Comment below, Ifr not you are lucky!!

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