Sunday, January 12, 2020

Still chaos but hey going forward

I'm starting to get the place in order but itshe still chaos. I left some furniture are my old place cus of that girl. When 2 months is over in can get them back. But right now I don't have a sofa. Or a bookshelf or a desk... ughh allt of stuff are in plastic bags stuffed ikea bags. 😣😣😣 I'm on the hunt for a a new sofa😊

Plus I'm currently doing the egg donation again. Donating egg on Thursday next week... woho $$$$  ima really bitch atm. Yayy know hormones...

I'm also happy I finally got a letter from my man. Ohhh lord i missed that son of a bitch. Lol. He had missed me too. ❤💋❤💋

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