Thursday, February 13, 2020

Dont tell me you are GONE!!!

Got the news  on Monday, from my mom that police is with her and they found a body, They believed it was my brothers!!! 😭😭😭😭 I dont think it was an acn accident. It was a suicide. FUCK!!! I  CANT believe he did that. Apparently his roomie had been with him the night before. The incident occured around 12.15 ish at the daytime. They found his wallet; his id, some coins, his bankcard. But not his phone or traincard/buscard. Apparently they had a hard time identify him , so they needed dental records. Does that mean his face is all messed up??? Worst part is I talked to him or txt him that morning before work. around 4.30 am. I asked him if I could have back my money cus he loaned from me the day before. Thats what I asked for.. Damn. He had told his work on Friday last week that Im gonna be gone Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I will have my phone turned off, I need some time to think.

Somewhere in my head I just wished he ghosted. Wanted to take some time off from everything. ???
But so far we have no idea if its him or not. Just gonne be waiting like crazy... He havent been online . And his phone is shut off....

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