Thursday, March 5, 2020

Family Drama

There is so much drama going on right now.  It started with my little sister about a facebook post about my brother , and then my mom called up my older bro and he got on my sis side. Thought my mom was overracting and stuff. Then on Tuesday my mom was at my work to help me and he called me and asked , why she wont pick up the phone. I told him maybe her phone died?? . She didnt want to talk at that moment. she would talk to him later.  . He was sooo irritated. Then later on he called her up and was almost yelling at her. Why didnt you pick up your phone!! and he she was like battery died. what is your problem? He sent her a fb message he has dissmissed all of the time she have done wrong. and that he wont have any contact with her. He wont attend the memorial or be apart of it..??? I just dont understand his reaction... So immature!! This is deff not the right time to be like that... he thinks she is that. well he is the one who is.

BIG SIGH ! What kind of family are we??? 

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