Saturday, May 23, 2020

My Mama Forgave me

Well I didnt speak to her (my mom for about 2 days. Its a long time for me. She called me up the next day (Yesterday ). and she was still hurt, angry at me , Dont blame her . She forgave me.  Thank the Lord!!!! I will never do anything stupid like that again. Who knows who many chances I will get? til it too late? 

We went on a picnic yesterday. Had a bbq. It was a bit windy , so it was hard to lit it up. The portable grill was very old. But with some light fluid? It started to get some fire and finally started to get warm. We both had a big hotdog. And some potatoe  sallad. it was simple but yet good. 

Tonight Im working. The client txt me and someone had called in sick. Sooo here I am 11.5 hours to go. 
Atleast I will get paid to sit here. I really need money for next month. I rather work nigths than daytime. Im not too comfortable yet to do daytime yet. Idk why. Just seems Im a bit unsure about myself. With the cooking part.  just makes me soo freakin nervous. But maybe I will get over it or not

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