Monday, May 25, 2020

Work night

So I'm at work right now. 12 hour night shift...wooppiddooo. Its about 10 hours to go. Feels like FOREVER but I just gotta sit it out. Tomorrow is payday, Im not sure how im gonna pay all my bills. The unemployment agency has delayde my payments cus they had calculated wrong how much I will get per day..I really hope they will come with some info this week. I dont want to be late with the bills...

I really hope I will hear from my guy too. Feels like its been ages since I got a letter from him. Its been 2 months now😵😵. I have waited 1 month before but 2?! Never... it suure sucks so much. Especially when you dont know anything.  Im really freaking out. 
😭😖😓 I just miss him SO much!!!!! ❤
Praying i will hear from him this week. Or else i will pull my hair out!😤

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