Wednesday, May 6, 2020

I think im gonna delete my snapchat

I tried to add some new people and Im just fed up with the dick pics. Okay I havent recieved from eveyone. Atleast 3-4 of them all I added. I might delete my whole account.
and make a new account just for me. no people.  I had enough of fake people and no friendships that actually lasts. And ofcourse nude pics..!!!!!!  I just lost hope on having any friends. Maybe im not friend material or maybe im just really unlucky meeting creeps and people who dont seem to want to stay in touch.  *Bye* 

Atleast my guy wants to stay in touch I hope. I wouldnt be suprised if he leaves too . I just hope not

Im gonna focus on my weightloss. I got 18 kg to shred off in. I hope til July, Its not gonna be easy but I dont want to be like this. Cravings are so hard to resist. and temptations.

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