Saturday, May 9, 2020

Im not a garbage truck for real

So I just got blocked by a man who smoked week and apparently  had weird problems I never knew existed. BUT I dont understand why he did that. Never will. but All I know is that Im just done with people being all draining towards me. I got enough on my plate. I gotta take care of myself. Im still mourning the loss of my brother.
People can be positive but I just seem to attract people with problems or mental disorders.  Im just done with making new friends. These 2 days  I made a post on fb getting new friends has just drained me even mor...Im all exhausted.  It was good he blocked me. He should try to figure out himself instead of having me as a garbage truck.

Maybe Im just trying to hard to be social when im not... I think im a loner more than social. lol 


All I need is God by my side and maybe I will be okay. 


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