Friday, July 3, 2020

Mama has moved in, So much Stuff

One word CHAOS!!! She had 5 rooms in her previous apartment, 4 bedrooms and 1 living. 
Imagine trying to fit that amount of stuff/furniture in a 2 bedroom...EEEEKKK!!! Theres stuff everywhere even on my yard. Trying to fit everything in is a darn challenge. I am exhausted from helping her move out all of it and move in. My feet are so sore!!  I got work in the weekend from 7 to 7pm. 

Gosh I wish we could be over and done with it all. but far from it. 

My mom misunderstood what I said and she started to cry. She just felt like she is in the way and her stuff is. I only said lets try to organise it all.  I guess she feels like she has no home and we had to throw away soe good stuff of hers. I never meant to make her feel like that. But right now she feels better (I think)

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