Thursday, July 16, 2020

Talking to my brother from the other side??

I dont know if I mentioned I bought a EMF meter way back, maybe 2 months ago. It has beeped a little time to time but!! Something happened, after my mom has moved in, On July 10th.

 It was 8 am in the morning. I got a signal on it, I told my mom to come and say something incase it was my bro. It beeped after every answer!!!  Its like he answered everything we asked. That has to be the most amazing experience ever!!! I will never forget that. It has beeped a little since then but NEver have he been more active than that day. Im not saying it is my brother but I do think it is. He hasnt been able to connect with her through the emf meter til now , I guess he wanted her to know he is doing okay over there. Do not worry. It felt very good knowing that, I do hope he will come through more in the future 💖💓😘

I finally sent off my phone to get the glass fixed , Its broken. It feels a bit weird , I got a an extra one but the phone keeps shutting off, I have ordered an extra battery. Just have to wait.... 

This weeks has been so tough. So so so tough . I just have no energy what so ever and I just want to left alone. wich is hard when you live with someone 24/7 and I have no real room to shutt everyone off...
I live in the freakin livingroom... YIPPIE .....😒 It is very difficult and strange to live with my mom again. I never thought it would be like this. But Just have to deal with it. She will help me financialy 

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