Friday, September 25, 2020

Egg Donation completed


Did the egg donation yesterday and it went very well. I was a bit anxious and nervous yet excited... I got there into this fancy room just for me. I will show pictures.  Then there was this note what I wanted for breakfast after. I hadnt eaten just drank tea. I was starving.  There was a small gift there. A candle holder with a candle in it. ❤️🥰 Very pretty I love candle holders. 

The procedure didnt hurt at all. Thanks to the pain medicine they gave me. After it I felt a bit dizzy but I was like I want to eat right away. They had come with the breakfast, I had some lemonade. I just felt getting high bloodsugar. Since I hadnt eaten I just got  dizzy and felt nauseous . I had to lay down. I had taken it too early and lemonade has sugar. After half n hour I was feeling a bit better, I could finnish 1 sandwich. Then the other one after.  The nurse came in check up on me . It felt very safe afterwards. I got this note home incase I feel worse i could call this nr. and they even gave me painkillers to take home!!! 😃👍 I just rested the rest of the day. Ate that blueberry pie with whipped cream. 😋

I will get paid ofcourse , its a bit more than the hospital paid me too. Total of 11.800 sek or 1289 dollars 🤑💲💲💲

Today I felt okay. Been hurting a bit but I got painkillers to relieve that. 👀🙃

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