Thursday, October 1, 2020

Tired Thursday


Its officially 1st of October  🎃 Halloween is creeping up. 

I got a another letter from my guy!!! AND he had smooched some  cinnamon fire ball kisses on there !! 😘🥰Happy I got to that!!  He seems doing fine after being sick in corona. Thats good.  Im so tired today went to bed around 12 pm , Woke up around 7 am. Still feels like I only slept for 5 hours. I even rested after 9 til 10.30., 🙄😴 My stomach is hurting a bit, My period came early I guess its because I took the hormone shots before when I donated eggs. Pfffffff .... 😒😑
Im thinking of watching the original Childs Play. Seems like a good one even if its from 1988. 

Luna is sure growing. 
She's 15 weeks now. 

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